Footwear Industry – Stats, Industry Analysis and Top Luxury Brands to shop Online


Footwear Industry is one of the biggest industry, which is dependent on the manpower and craftsmanship apart from tools and machines.


Footwear Industry is highly potential and it is a sense of exponential growth with time.


footwearBut the sad part of this is all sectors of the industry is not picking up the same pace simultaneously due to many constraints such infrastructure, skilled labor, high GST imposed by the government.


Lot of improvement and upgrade of technology, skilled and educated labor, beneficiary government system and policies, brand building exercises should be practiced for the real explosion in this industry.

Top Luxury Footwear Brands


10. Gucci




9. Miu Miu




8. Stuart Weitzman




7. Brian Atwood




6. Alexander Mcqueen




5. Walter Steiger




4. Christian Louboutin



3. Jimmy Choo




2. Manolo Blahnik



1. Louis Vuitton


Segmentation of The Industry

The worldwide market has been subdivided into parts on the basis of type, gender, material type, different cultural taste, athletic and nonathletic footwear, specially designed for different healthcare issues.


Change in lifestyles of people and fashion trends, especially among young girls and ladies gives a high rise to this footwear industry.


As these days, it is really easy to buy online via different payment methods, home delivery and in every price range for everyone.

 Supplier of Raw Material


Footwear products are manufactured in various raw materials such as jute, leather, synthetics, rubber, PVC synthetic leather and PU synthetic leather.

Various footwear manufacturing industries including Adidas, Nike, Puma, Woodland purchase raw material for their shoes and other footwear products from different vendors around the globe according to their requirements.


Footwear Manufacturing Industries


Various industries are there for designing, editing, manufacturing, testing and packaging of all products.

With the growing fashion trends, each time unique product with altered design or unique design has to manufactured for the consumers by the industrial companies to keep up with their taste and compete to stand ahead from other brands.

Luring design and comfort are the main factors to be focused on these shoes for men and women.

Suppliers and Distributors

footwearThere are various different kinds of supply chains around the world.

Sandals, sneakers, shoes, slippers, boots, floaters, crocs and the other divergent range are available on brand outlets, small and large shopkeepers having the franchise of various dissimilar brands, Brand factory, Discount factory outlets, Online brand stores of manufacturers and the high rising online e-commerce stores.



E-commerce online portals like Amazon, Flipkart and eBay provide huge discounts and exchange offers to the customer and very convenient medium to purchase while sitting at home.


But still, retail stores give a superior buying experience than e-commerce websites and therefore it is still a dominant segment in the market and shoe industry.



Consumers are divided on the basis of gender and age groups.

Nowadays consumers have started to spend a lot to get their preferred brands and latest fashion trends and their comfort.

Change in fashion from time to time especially among girls creates a huge impact in the shoe industry.

Rising number of job seekers in the world has increased the spending capabilities by the individuals on branded shoe brands.

Statistics of Footwear Industry


Footwear Export is among is among top ten Export results of India.

China is the biggest producer of Footwear in the world, yet we are in front in terms of craftsmanship.

Indian Shoe industry is separated in two parts small and large-scale industry.

China and India are one of the largest exporters in the United States and the United Kingdom.

But yet local shoe manufacturers dominate the Chinese products market share.


Job Opportunities and career in Footwear Industry


  1. Sneaker Reseller
  2. Footwear Customizer
  3. Floor Salesman
  4. Retail Corporate
  5. Product Developer
  6. Production and quality control manager
  7. Export Marketing Manager
  8. Account Manager
  9. Business Development Manager
  10. Area Sales Manager
  11. Customer Service Associate
  12. Warehouse Incharge
  13. Production Engineer
  14. Showroom Manager
  15. Communication Specialist
  16. Footwear Designer
  17. Marketing Professionals
  18. Digital Marketer (LINK)
  19. Sneaker Writer

Top footwear Brands in the world


  1. Supra
  2. Tommy Hilfiger
  3. Champion
  4. Toms
  5. Sperry
  6. Asics
  7. Etnies
  8. Lebron
  9. Fila
  10. Sketchers
  11. New balance
  12. DC
  13. Puma
  14. Under Armour
  15. Vans
  16. Reebok
  17. Converse
  18. Jordan
  19. Adidas
  20. Nike