Games Industry pace and development worldwide

games Games are in the blood and soul of Americans.  The United States has the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry.


Nowadays games are not just solely for children, it is having really good popularity and enthusiasm among adults also.


games industry

Fun and mental exercises are among the central reasons found for the popularity of them among the gamers.





There are a large number of organizations that are creating and publishing computer games in every one of the 50 states in the US.

The gaming industry has a very aggressive market.

With a specific end goal to work in the business of gaming, specialists probably propelled preparing in aptitudes like PC illustrations, movement, programming outline, or programming just to give some examples.

Organizations must be focused on the advancement of technology, creative ability, information of the business and persistently evolving markets for the better gameplay and user experience in the games.

These organizations can contend in a world market by using persistent advancement and exceedingly gifted specialists.




These games have such a great impact on the mind of the people such that everyone who plays them desires to be like the protagonist of the game.







Jobs in gaming industry and Future scope

games jobs

There are many different types of careers that could be taken up in both technical and the business studies.

Getting a good position in this industry requires a great level of hard work and passion for the work.

This is a really vast competitive market, so setting up your own business and publishing independent games is a really cumbersome task.


games jobs


Plus, the point of the industry is that there are plenty of jobs are available and in the upcoming years more and more specialized job opportunities are being built up in the sector.



Various technical jobs in the industry include: –

  1. Game Developers
  2. Animators
  3. Graphic Designers
  4. Software and hardware programmers and engineers
  5. Debuggers and testing department
  6. Technical support specialists
  7. Translators
  8. Writers
  9. Audio and video engineers


Video Games Industry Stats and Facts

    • Depending solely on the platform on which they are played they subcategorized in the computer game and console game.


    • Due to the development of such a vast market of smartphones and tablets, there is one other category added called mobile and social games.


    • Most preference is given to console games among them, as a first copy is developed for them and then they are modified for the PC gameplay.


    • More than $11 billion was the net revenue of the gaming industry in the US for 2016.


  • Job in this industry could make you earn a handsome salary averaging over $90,000.

Top 10 gaming companies of the world:-


10.) Capcom – Net Revenue – 955 Million USD



9.) Konami – Net Revenue – 1.02 Billion USD



8.) Square Enix – Net Revenue – 1.47 Billion USD



7.) Ubisoft – Net Revenue – 1.6 Billion USD



6.) Sega Electronic Arts – Net Revenue – 3.33 Billion USD




5.) Electronic Arts – Net Revenue – 12.25 Billion USD




4.) Nintendo – Net Revenue – 1.6 Billion USD



3.) Activision Blizzard – Net Revenue – 16.35 Billion USD



2.) Sony Computer Entertainment – Net Revenue – 17.57 Billion USD



1.) Microsoft Studios – Net Revenue – 37.3 Billion USD