Indian Railway Industry – Amazing and Shocking facts you cant resist knowing

indian railwayIndian Railway is one the biggest transportation network in the world.


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Indian Railways(IR) industry works for both long as well as short span of course length.

It is the third biggest railway network on the planet which stretches up to more than 119,640 kilometers which are about 74330 miles.


There were about 7,216 stations towards the end of 2k16 which helped 8.110 billion travelers per year and more than 22 million travelers each day despite everything Indian Railways kept on running.


Annually 1.101 billion tons of cargo is loaded and moved around the country through this vast Indian Railway network of India.

indian railway



Indian Railway industry is worked and claimed by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways.





As of the end of 2k16, the average 68,625 kilometers course length, 28,327 kilometers or 45 percent were energized and 28,371 kilometers or 37 percent were two-fold or different line routes.


All the zapped lines utilize 25 kilovolts(kV) AC electric traction.


At the end of FY16 Indian Railway moving stock contained more than:-

  • 251,255 cargo wagons
  • 70,241 traveler mentors
  • 11,123 locomotives (about 53% controlled by steam, 52.6% controlled by electricity and 0.5% controlled by steam)


Indian Railways industry employs 1.331 million workers toward the last of 2k15-2k16. It is the world’s largest manager to handle this titanic size of the workforce.


It’s net income in the federal year 2015-16 is accounted to 26 million USD which comprise of about 2/3rd from cargo (17 billion USD) and the rest of passengers (7 billion USD).


Job Opportunities in Indian Railway:-

Technical jobs include: –

indian railway jobs

  • Indian Railways Personnel
  • Indian Railways Electrical Engineer
  • Indian Railways Mechanical Engineer
  • Indian Railways Software Engineer
  • Indian Railways Traffic Service
  • Indian Railway Store Service
  • To enter in the field UPSC exams are conducted by the government of India every year.




Eligibility criteria: –

5 CGPA or 50% of marks in your undergraduate engineering is required from a well-recognized university.

Nationality: Indian

Age: Between 21 to 30


Non-Technical jobs include: –

indian railway jobs


  • Senior Supervisor
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Clerk in train
  • Clerk in typist Department
  • Commercial Clerk
  • Indian Railways Junior Engineer






To enter in the field Railway Recruitment Board(RRB) entrance exams are conducted by the government of India every year.


Eligibility criteria: –

Bachelor degree is required from a well-recognized university.

Nationality: Indian

Age: Between 21 to 30


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Indian Railway Industry: Investment and Development

indian railway

Net investment and improvement have been supported at Rs 1.30 lakh crore for the Indian Railway industry in FY17-18.


Rs 55,000 cr has been allotted for Railway industry business with 70 new projects, which is a huge step for the development of the business in this sector.


Investment had been a great problem in the Indian railway business, but it’s a great achievement for the government of India that it has attracted great potential investors and new models for the sake of the same.


An agreement has been signed between the Indian and Japanese government that Japanese would invest as a loan of Rs 88,000 crore at a minimal interest rate of 0.1% which is to be paid by India within 50 years.


Bombardier is one of the biggest global supplier for inter-city semi and high-speed trains and it is bringing up its projects to Indian Railway.