Technology Industry

Technology is the category that relates to the development, distribution, research, and management of the technologically based products and their services.

Impact Of Tech Industry on The World !!


This industry acts as a backbone for the manufacturing of electronics, software and hardware creation, and services related to the IT sector.


Technology sector offers a huge variety of products and services. Personal desktops, laptops, smartphones, stereos, and television are the consumer goods which are continuously being upgraded and improved as well.


All the business and industries receive information and services for their database management system which allow the companies to make further business decisions and strategies according to the analysis from these latest technology and software developments.


Nowadays it is said that- “If Your Business Is Not Online It Is Not Online”.



Statistics of Technology Industry in India


    • India is among the one of the biggest manpower in terms of science and technological institutional and trained professionals.


    • India’s R&D services and globalization technology market is expected to be boomed by 2020 and reach US$ 38 million.


    • From the top 1000 global R&D spenders, one third have established their centers in India.


    • 3rd largest scientific and technical manpower in the world with 4000 doctorates and 35,000 post graduate’s degrees awarded annually from 163 universities.


    • 12th in terms of a patent filed


    • 9th in terms of scientific research papers and publications.


    • In terms of basic research, India ranks among the top countries of the world.



Minimum wages are giving technology a boost

As the labor is pricey, businesses have started investing more in machines for automation that frees up people to do the more valuable job.


It’s a big concern for about automation to make human workers obsolete.


Its really obvious for that higher minimum wages give employers an incentive to go for automation and replacing humans with machines.


China had replaced about 70% of its laborers from high tech machines in 2016 for the cost-cutting purpose in their product and services and additionally also helped them to manufacturers more finely and accurately designed product according to the latest industry trends.


Unlike hiring a handful of cheap workers, investment on automation and latest technology trends have great positive spillovers because one invention would lead to another.


Management cost has been reduced by a sharp margin with the help of automation.


When minimum wages are high in the technology industry low skilled workers are less likely to work in automatable jobs.


This implies that minimum wages really do spur business owners to replace humans with bots.


They also found that when no. of minimum wages is high the workers with automatable jobs are much more likely to be unemployed due to the more often switching of jobs in order to find a better one.


But apart from all these problems, it is found by the statistical research that automation is really good for the economy in the long run.

Who are the Big 5 TECH Companies of the world that are responsible for the vast development of the tech world??



5. Alphabet Inc.






                           4. Amazon



3. Apple






2. Facebook


 1. Microsoft


Tech’s ‘Frightful 5’ Will Dominate Digital Life for Foreseeable Future


These big five industries have nailed their names in the technology industry and have gained an enormous advantage over their rivals.


There are four major factors for their high rise success and allowing them to keep building and maintaining that.




  • Talent attraction

  • Acquisition strategy

  • Platform Strength

  • Innovation Reinvestment

Job and Career Opportunities in Technology or IT Industry


40 Most Promising Jobs You must Look For Your Bright Future

  1. Technical Support
  2. Programmer
  3. Software Developer
  4. Chief Technology Officer(CTO)
  5. Chief Information Officer(CIO)
  6. Data Manager
  7. Data Support and security specialist
  8. Director of technology
  9. System Developer
  10. System Analyst
  11. Project Manager
  12. Technical Sales Representative
  13. Web Designer
  14. Web Developer
  15. QA Analyst
  16. Network Engineer
  17. IT Security
  18. .NET Developer
  19. Hardware Engineer
  20. Helpdesk Technician
  21. Java Developer
  22. Front End Developer
  23. Technical Writers
  24. Ethical Hacker
  25. System Designer
  26. System Analyst
  27. Webmasters
  28. Cloud Architect
  29. System Architect
  30. Computer Forensic Investigator
  31. Health IT Specialist
  32. Mobile App Developer
  33. Data Modeler
  34. Geospatial Professionals
  35. Computer System Analyst
  36. Database Administrator
  37. Telecommunication Specialist
  38. Virus Removal and Computer Troubleshooting
  39. Computer and Information System Managers
  40. Network and computer System Administrators