Telecommunication Industry: Analysis, Facts and Figures. Available jobs.


Telecommunication Industry comprises of information and communication technology and it is a bunch of various other industry sectors.


Telecommunication Industry: Overview

Telephone or telecommunications company and ISP which are acts as a backbone for the uplifting of IT and Mobile communication companies of the world who have made the communication through call and Internet possible in the whole world.


Other largest companies in the industry include Cable companies, satellite companies, and wireless operating companies.


These companies are the reason that we are allowed to transfer and receive data from around the world.


Telecommunication act as a protagonist for the advancement and latest innovations in some way or another in all the industries.


Up to 2016 the biggest revenue generated by the industry was through voice calls but there was a sudden transformation in the industry due to the advancement in the network technology.



IOT and AI are the biggest momentum of the future world which is driven by the telecommunication industry.


It acts as the huge machine on which other industries rely upon.

Role of Telecommunication Industry in Changing our World

The world is changing enormously due to advancing technology and telecom industry is playing a huge role in turning the tables.



The telecom sector is bounded by telephone, cell phone, PC’s, networks and internet, we all are affected by this global chain.


It helps us in connecting and sharing our thoughts, views, images, videos, important documents and more with our family and friends regardless of how far the other person is, whether next to us or miles away in another corner of the world.


Telecommunication industry is a giant that comprises hardware manufacturing, software development, and service-providing sector.


Hardware comprises a vast range of products that help in communication across the globe from video satellite to telephones and fiber optics cables for high-speed transmission of data.


Evolution of Telecommunication Industry in the World

The telecommunications sector has been evolved from “Telegraph”, which refers to the time when transmission of data took days and there use to be a single phone on Post office from one region, where now everyone has a smartphone in hand and huge amounts of data transfer takes place within you just blink of an eye.


These major transforms have been possible due to the advancement of technology which has affected the lives of millions of people and the business world.


At one-time telecommunication required wires for the connection of telephones, TV in homes, industry and other business.


In modern technology turned the tables with a wireless high-speed transmission for communication.


The current scenario is that even hand gestures, the blink of an eye and voice commands are sufficient for the control of the systems.


AI and Machine Learning are the future of technology.

Technology is a boon or a bane??

Where on one hand people are watching it as boon there is a negative side of everything. With the growth of technology and automation.


The work which was performed by 10 workers in an industry like telecommunication industry, could be done by just 1 person which could act as a major factor for the unbelievable unemployment that could occur in the whole world!!!

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Telecom Companies – World’s Top 10 Telecom Companies

10. China Mobile Ltd


9. Verizon Communications Inc.


8. AT&T Inc.


7. Vodafone Group Plc


6. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation


5. Softbank Group Corp.


4. Deutsche Telekom AG


3. Telefonica S.A


2. America Movil



1. China Telecom



Telecom Jobs – Types of Telecommunication Job You Must Look for Your Bright Future


Technical Jobs, You Must be aware of: –


  • Installers and Repairers
  • Telecom Engineer
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Radio Frequency Engineer
  • Junior Telecom Engineer
  • Change Management Expert
  • Telephone Operators
  • Telecom Researcher
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Telecommunication Specialists
  • Telecom Researcher
  • Support Personnel
  • Hardware Designer


Marketing Jobs One Should Look for: –


  • Marketing Specialists
  • Digital Marketers
  • Counter Sales Executive
  • Telecommunications Sales
  • Field Manager
  • Network Manager
  • Product Manager

Telecom Network – Types of Telecommunication Network

Telecommunications is established between two stations which act as Transmitter and Receiver.

Multiple transmitting and receiving of a huge amount of data take place through these channels. This kind of arrangement is known as Telecommunication Network.

The Internet is biggest and most wide telecommunication Network. The other small-scale network includes: –


Telephone Networks

Cellular Networks

Broadcast networks

Radio Networks

Television Networks

Packet Switched Telephone Networks(PSTN)

Broadcast Networks

Taxi Dispatch Networks

Police and Fire Communication Systems

Corporate and academic wide-area networks (WANs)

Computer Networks

  • Ethernet
  • Internet
  • Wireless Networks