Jobs and Career Opportunities in Travel and Tourism Industry

Tourism careers are trending highly these days on Google.


These days when there is a huge recession in engineering, travel and tourism industry still has an enormous job and career options.


tourism careersIn the upcoming years, there are high rising opportunities for the youth via Tourism Careers.


Job in this field would be fun and adventurous for the one who loves to explore things and they are even paid well enough.


About 46 million jobs would be created by 2025 in the Travel and Tourism industry.



Government is trying its best to support Tourism careers with new initiatives for the glowing future of the Youth.


Tourism Careers: Jobs in Tourism Industry

tourism careers

  1. Advisors of Travel and Tourism
  2. Air Hostess
  3. Bakers
  4. Baker Assistant
  5. Bar Attendant
  6. Café Workers
  7. Café Managers
  8. Care Takers
  9. Chef
  10. Cleaners
  11. Club Managers
  12. Commercial Cleaners
  13. Conference and Event organizer
  14. Cook
  15. Crowd Attendant
  16. Diver
  17. Domestic Cleaner
  18. Show and Event Organizers
  19. Food Trade Assistants
  20. Game Zone Managers
  21. Guides
  22. Hotel Managers
  23. Hotel Service Managers
  24. Laundry Workers
  25. Motel Managers
  26. Motel Service Managers
  27. Pastry and Cake Bakers
  28. Porters
  29. Restaurant and café Managers
  30. Shelf Filler and caretakers
  31. Sweepers
  32. Tour Guides
  33. Travel Consultant
  34. Travel Agent
  35. Ticketing Staff
  36. Tourism Promoter
  37. Waiters

Tourism careers Require these skills

    • Planning and organization skills for clients


    • Leadership skills


    • Management skills to manage large volume of staff of an organization


    • Able to work for long and odd time schedules


    • Knowledge of culture, history, architect, food, and art of the area working in currently are preferred


    • Knowledge of foreign language is must for employees


    • Able to perform multi-tasking to work in an organized manner even under pressure of multi-tasks


    • Fluent communication skills to convert the leads for the organizational body


    • Enthusiasm and optimistic in nature


    • Team working and coordination skills with colleagues


    • Creative and innovative thinker to design new market strategies


    • Commitment towards work


    • Evaluation and analytical skills to organize programs and events and to provide customer satisfaction results to make improvements.


  • One must keep himself up-to-date for rules and regulations regarding bookings and reservation of tickets, visa, passport so that they could assist their customers and partners.

Salary and Perks in Travel and Tourism Careers : –

tourism careers

Travel and Tourism careers could make you earn a pretty handsome salary.

Perks like free stay in hotels, free air travel for you as well as your family.

Salaries are high in foreign travel agencies and airlines.

Initial salary in Tourism Careers may depend on various things including previous job profile, the profile of employer and working locations.

Pay salary of some of the Tourism careers are as follows:

Rs. 2500-3000 for Assistants

Rs. 10000-15000 for Regional Manager

Rs. 15000-25000 for General Manager

Rs. 7000-8000 for Air Hostess (early birds) may rise up to Rs. 45000 to 50000 for experienced in international airless.

Peak seasons of summer and winter breaks may lead to added perks, commissions and other bonuses.

Kinds of Courses you’ll be amazed to know for blooming Travel and Tourism careers

UG Bachelor Degree Courses

Diploma Courses

Certificate Courses

PG Degree Courses

PG Diploma Courses

PG Certificate Courses

Tourism Careers: Certificate Courses are recognized by various organizations

Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management

Certificate in Tourism Management

Certificate in Travel Management

Certificate in Tour Guide

Various Diploma Courses

Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

Diploma in Airline Ticketing

Diploma in Tourist Guide

Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management

Diploma in Travel Management and Aviation Hospitality

Diploma in Tourism Ticketing

Diploma in Tourism Studies

Tourism Careers: Courses under Bachelor Degree Courses

BA in Hospitality

BA in Travel and Tourism Management

B.Sc. in Travel and Tourism Management

BA Tourism Studies

BBA in Travel and Tourism Management

BBA in Air Travel Management

BBA in Travel Management

Bachelor of Tourism Studies

Bachelor of Tourism Administration

B.Com. in Travel & Tourism Management

BA Travel & Tourism


tourism careersGovernment is giving important significance for the rise of this sector and create new Tourism careers and opportunities in India.

Various plans and initiatives are being developed for its growth.

Even private sector enterprises are showing their keen interest in the field.


It would help to provide lots of job opportunities for job seekers around the country and would help to enhance GDP of the country.


India is well known for its tourist destination especially Kerala Tourism and its rich heritage and culture.


Each year various people arrive from different parts of the world to enjoy India’s tourism and culture and it’s a responsibility of management professionals to take care of their accommodation, moods, needs, all other requirements and their travel programs.


tourism careersOne can even start his own business and could be self-employed if he or she has entrepreneurship and management skills and is financially strong.


Travel and Tourism agency, tour advisor, travel consultancy or guide could be established by one’s itself.




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