India was the world’s third-biggest steel manufacturer in 2016.

The development in this Indian industrial segment has been driven by residential accessibility of crude materials, for example, press metal and practical work.

Therefore, the steel division has been a noteworthy supporter of India’s assembling yield.


Steel Industry

The Indian steel industry is exceptionally present day with best in class plants. It has dependably strived for consistent modernization and up-degree of more seasoned plants and higher vitality productivity levels.


The iron&steel industry in India is a standout amongst the most critical enterprises in India.




Amid 2014 through 2015, India was the third biggest maker of crude iron&steel and the biggest maker of wipe press on the planet.


The business delivered 91.46 million tons of aggregate completed steel-n-iron and 9.7 million tons of pig press iron.


Indian Steel Industry

The Ministry of Steel industry in India is worried about: the coordination and arranging of the development and improvement of this industry in the nation, both in the general population and private divisions; detailing of approaches regarding generation, evaluating, dispersion, import, and fare of iron&steel, Ferro composites, and refractories.





Advancement of info enterprises identifying with press metal, manganese mineral, chrome metal, and refractories and so forth., required primarily in this business.


Most iron&steel in India is created from press ore.

India is relied upon to wind up noticeably the second-biggest maker of it on the planet by 2018, in light of expanded limit expansion in the reckoning of forthcoming interest, and the new strategy, that has been endorsed by the Union Cabinet in May 2017, is required to support India’s production.



Huge extension for development is offered by India’s nearly low per capita steel utilization and the normal ascent in utilization because of expanded framework development and the flourishing vehicle and railroads parts.


India is the world’s largest manufacturer of sponge iron with the coal-based route which accounts for appx 90% of total production in India.


There are 2 different type of steel plant: –



1.Mini Steel Plant which is generally smaller in size, use sponge iron and scrap of steel for production with the help of electric furnaces.


They use alloy and mild steel of particular specification. In India 650 plants of this type could be found.





Steel_industry_in_india2.Integrated Steel Plant are the larger ones. It is the complete package from molding, rolling and putting together of raw material.

Iron&steel scrap is used with the basic iron and blast furnace.

There are more than 5 SAIL industrial plants in the country.



Market Size of Iron and Steel Industry in India


1.The industry was licensed and decontrolled in the year 1992.

2.In 2014-15, manufacturing of the steel was about 91.45 MT(Million tonnes), 4.3% growth has been seen in 2013-14.

3. 9.7 MT of pig Iron production was there in 2014-15 after a growth of 22% in 2013-14.

4. During January-March 2017 India’s crude-steel manufacturing has taken a rise from 10.8 percent on year to 25.75 MT.

5. During April 2017 net production grew from 5.4 percent to 8.107 MT year-on-year.


Future of the Iron&Steel Industry in India


1.By 2018 India is expected to become the second largest producer in the world due to the high increase of the upcoming demand.

2.This has been approved in 2017 by Union Cabinet of India and is most likely to raise the net production.

3.Due to the high rising sectors like infrastructure construction, automobile industry and railway sectors huge

scope for the growth of this sector could be offered in the country.