MS Clamp is a fastening tool used to preserve or comfortable objects tightly collectively to save you motion or separation thru the application of inward strain.


Genuinely, in Australia and the UK, the term cramp is often used as a substitute when the device is for brief use for positioning additives during construction and other functions.


MS Clamp has a wide variety for one of a kind functions.


However, a few are transient, as used to position components while fixing them together, others are designed to be eternal.


They may be used within the field of animal husbandry, to deskbound an animal to a stationary object well referred as “rounded clamping”.


Something that performs the movement of clamping may be known as a clamp, so this gives upward thrust to a wide sort of terms across many fields.



There is a wide variety of range:-

  • Patti-MS Clamps
  • Saddle-MS Clamps
  • Bush-MS Clamps


Patti-MS Clamp

Product Description:


The absolutely particular entity inside the organization, actively devoted to supplying a pinnacle of the road extraordinary form of Patti Clamp according to the set industry standards.


It’s far wellmanufactured through the manner of our experienced professional‘s use of excessive-grade raw material and modern techniques.



On account of its excessive power and impeccable quit, it’s far fairly demanded among our clients.
This U-Bolt Patti Clamp is used inside the various vehicle.


Moreover, we provide this product in top-notch sizes and dimensions and can also be custom designed as in line with the right requirement of customers at less pricey expenses.



    • Fine finish
    • High strength
    • Precisely designed
    • Sturdiness
    • Robust Design
    • High Durability
    • Zinc Plated


Saddle-MS Clamp

Product Description:

The varied sort of Saddle-MS Clamps is furnished with the aid of using us, leveraging on our considerable acquaintance of this area.

Further, we additionally offer this product in different specs, as in line with the requirement of our honored clients.

They have been used for steel pipe, heavy duty Plumbing, and one-of-a-kind fireplace protection in Features:



    • Easy to use
    • Zinc Plated
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Strong
    • Accurate Dimensions


Bush- MS Clamp

Product Description:

We offer a wide range of MS Clamps in the market. Our range includes Half Round and Full Round Clamps.

In addition, they fit perfectly with Materials such as:

    • Pipes
    • Junction boxes
    • Tubular Poles
    • Streetlight poles
    • Signal poles etc.


Consistent with the necessity of the customers, they’re accessible in redone details.





Corrosion Resistant

Zinc Plated

He Bush Ms. Clamps

Accurate Dimensions