Pole Mounting Clamps manufacturers in India

MNK Industry is one of the leading manufacturer of Pole Mounting Clamps for 1 Phase and 3 phase LT AB Cable Distribution Box.

 We manufacturer Pole Mounting Clmaps for different industries in custom dimensions and shapes as required by different industries.

We at MNK INDUSTRY manufacture high tensile Pole Mounting Clamps for different industrial use in multiple customization and standards as required by the consumer. Pole clamps are manufactured with high quality carbon steel and finished in GI/Zinc electroplting. 

MNK INDUSTRY is also a manufacturer and supplier of different U Bolts, J bolts, Eye Bolts, L bolts, Open eye bolts, Stud bolts, Transformer clamping ring, Transformer Arkyons, High Tension fittings, Threaded rods, Pipe Clamps, Pole clamps, J hooks, Dholak bolts, Saddle clamps, foundation bolts, submersible pipe clamps, submersible U clamps and more hardware related products.

Pole Mounting Clamps for 1 Phase and 3 Phase LT AB Cable Distribution Boxes
Pole Clamp

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Pole Mounting Clamps, J bolts, Stud Bolt, U Bolts, Eye Hooks, Transformer Clamps and other Hardware products in India.

    Different types of Pole Mounting Clamps manufactured by MNK INDUSTRY -

    1.  M6 double threaded pole mounting clamps
    2.  M8 Double Threaded pole mounting clamps
    3.  Flat Pole Mounting Clamps with 2 bolts and 2 nuts

    MNK INDUSTRY is a Pole Mounting clamps manufacturer in India and is a supplier and distributor in different cities of India -