J Bolt Manufacturers in India

MNK Industry is one of the largest manufacturer of J Bolts or J hooks in India. We manufacturer J Bolts for different industries in custom dimensions and shapes as required by different industries.

We at MNK INDUSTRY manufacture high tensile J Bolts for different industrial use in multiple customization and standards as required by the consumer. J bolts are manufactured with high quality carbon steel and finished in various different coatings. 

MNK INDUSTRY is also a manufacturer and supplier of different U Bolts, J bolts, Eye Bolts, L bolts, Open eye bolts, Stud bolts, Transformer clamping ring, Transformer Arkyons, High Tension fittings, Threaded rods, Pipe Clamps, Pole clamps, J hooks, Dholak bolts, Saddle clamps, foundation bolts, submersible pipe clamps, submersible U clamps and more hardware related products.

Round J Bolts
Silver J Bolts

We are one of the largest manufacturers of J bolts, Stud Bolt, U Bolts, Eye Hooks, Transformer Clamps and other Hardware products in India.

    Different Industries for which J bolts are used

    Different types of J Bolts manufactured by MNK INDUSTRY -

    1.  Single Threaded Stud Bolt
    2.  Double Threaded Stud Bolt Bolts
    3.  Full Threaded Stud Bolt

    Different types of finishing in which J Bolts/ Double Threaded Bolt are manufactured by MNK INDUSTRY -

    1.  Hot Dip GI Coating
    2.  Zinc Coating
    3.  Black Powder Coating
    4. Nickel Coating
    5.  Zinc and Yellow chromate coating
    6. Plain Finish without coating

    MNK INDUSTRY is a J Bolt manufacturer in India and is a supplier and distributor in different cities of India -